The SWM PAVE team does everything possible to help you succeed with your Stormwater Management Plan. We encourage you to download the product resources and files you need.

Examples of site specific SWM Pave designs

D1 Standard Design

D2 Standard Design Profile

D3 Residential Profile

D4 Grade Beam

D5 Curb Cut Splash Block

D6 Curb Cut Details

D7 Modified Curb Cut

D8 Standard Profile

D9 Terraced Profile

D10 Concrete Check Dam Detail

D11 Rock Check Dam

D12 Inspection Port

D13 Upturned Raised Outlet

D14 Overdrain Detail

D18 Geosynthetic Check Dam

Design Assistance

VA DEQ RRM Calculator

SWM Pave Section Specifications

Satisfy your stormwater requirements, eliminate runoff, and treat rainwater instantly on your project. Reduce costs by going green.

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