Our Comprehensive Stormwater Process

A Concept to Annual Maintenance Discipline.

SWM PAVE is a process which takes you through each step of implementing the LID Stormwater BMP system of permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICPs) into your project.

The process addresses regulatory approvals, regulatory optimization, design assistance, construction, inspections and maintenance

  1. Regulatory Optimization
  2. Design
  3. Construction
  4. Inspections
  5. Maintenance

Regulatory Optimization

The first step in the SWM PAVE process; it identifies state and local DEQ site-specific requirements.

By implementing the EPA’s Phase II mandate, SWM PAVE’s PICP system has become one of the most robust public domain BMPs available to developers, property owners, the military, and federal, state, and local governments.

There is no need to overdesign complex stormwater management systems when we can simply convert your existing or budgeted impervious wearing surface into a SWM PAVE system.

Water quality requirements are satisfied in the SWM PAVE system. You will no longer need to add a manufactured BMP or bioretention area to improve water quality. The volume treatment is held in the 40% void ratio of the AASHTO #3 stone base.

Design Assistance

Design assistance provides a qualified SWM PAVE team member to join your team and assist with site-specific design support.

The process includes site-specific project calculations made with our SWM PAVE calculator, which provides designs for structural, mechanical, and hydrologic design.


Construction details are critical to the project’s success and high performance. Unlike traditional decorative unit paving, a SWM PAVE project requires certified understanding of each component of the system and merges pavement design with hydrologic design.

Excavation, underdrain placement, proper compaction, the right equipment, and the right contractor all play key roles in the long-term performance of the stormwater management system and the ASSHTO designed wearing surface.

The SWM PAVE team has certified contractors all over the U.S. to ensure proper installation of our PICP system.

SWM PAVE MECHANICAL INSTALLATION is an economical process that ensures rapid installation of the SWM PAVE wearing surface. Our certified contractors can install wearing surface PICPs at an average rate of 8000SF per day, compared to 1000SF per day if placed by hand.

SWM PAVE has clearly become the machine-laid paver system of choice here in the Mid-Atlantic, with installation rates comparable to those of a small asphalt paving contractor.

4. Inspection

INSPECTION ensures proper installation and proper annual maintenance.

Our checklist approach to the construction process comes with onsite inspection to ensure each step of the SWM PAVE process is being followed correctly, as prescribed by the specifier.

We also work directly with facilities’ personnel to provide maintenance support for one year after the completion of the SWM PAVE system.

5. Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial in protecting the integrity and performance of any stormwater management project. The SWM PAVE system has one of the most extensive maintenance guidelines available.

Our 28-page maintenance guide defines preventative and restorative measures. It highlights maintenance equipment, procedures for maintaining infiltration, seasonal maintenance schedules, and winter maintenance de-icing.

Satisfy your stormwater requirements, eliminate runoff, and treat rainwater instantly on your project. Reduce costs by going green.

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